TRANSLATION (from B.S. to English):

If you own a Pono Player Outside of The U.S. & Canada, yer screwed!

CD Quality ain't Hi Res.

And I seriously doubt Pono has MORE Hi Res files than any other site. But I gotta ask the Pono Kickstarters 'round the Blue Marble - HOW's THAT STATEMENT MAKE YOU FEEL?

Not Great, I'm guessin'....

If Pono really did have the largest selection of Hi Res files AND your money, BUT you still don't have access to the Pono Music "WORLD" store.......NOT VERY, what is the word I'm lookin' for? Oh yeah, RIGHTEOUS!

This is very telling. Firstly, we are gettin' someone's goat here at PONOSUCKS.COM

Secondly, 8 people? Eight? Not Eighty and Not Eight Hundred? EIGHT. And 4 of those EIGHT on working on provenance?

Were these the original 8 it took to count all that Kickstarter Money?????

UPDATE 14/08/2016

With the Pono Music Store dark for Nearly a month now, an eagle-eyed member asks a relevant question of the powers that be @ PONO:

Is there now a time limit on the PonoPromise regarding free resolution upgrades, or has that always been the case?
 Just noticed that the updated FAQs that @Randy Leasure (PonoMusic) highlighted regarding the PonoMusic Store's current transition also states that the PonoPromise is good for only one year after you've purchased an album.
The FAQ currently states: "Any album purchased from, regardless of its resolution, will be upgraded at no cost, if a higher resolution version becomes available
within one year of purchase."
Was that always the case?  I hadn't noticed before -- although I also hadn't looked at the PonoPromise FAQ. Pono's Aug. 19, 2015, special announcement regarding the PonoPromise didn't say anything about a time limit. 



BUT this sheds a whole new light on the farce.

A ONE Year limitation, from the date of purchase.

WOW, what a "promise".....

The Real Question here s/b when AND IF the store does Re-open, is the b/s "Pono Promise" going to be extended to compensate for the Store's closure?


I KNOW OF PLENTY OF PEEPS WHO HAVE HAD IT WITH THE FORUM BULLSHIT WHO HAVE SIMPLY VANISHED FROM THE PONO SITE, b/c of a few closed minded simpletons and overzealous moderators.

I am certain they are not back regularly to check for upgrades.




It seems as though Randy Leasure of PONO MUSIC is doing some serious back pedaling and being called out by those who know better, I.E. : Original Kickstarter backers.


The "PONO PROMISE" was set forth by Neil. He stated that He was frustrated over having to re-purchase music. Part of the Allure of backing PONO via the third most successful campaign in Kickstarter history AND the most important reason they were able to raise so much cash so quickly, was the



When a higher resolution becomes available, you will get the upgrade, free of charge, FOR LIFE.

now Randy is trying to say it's always been ONE YEAR  from the date of purchase.


"The PonoPromise"
Because we love and appreciate our Pono community of music lovers so much, all music purchased at will now be upgraded for FREE when a label offers a higher resolution upgrade of the same recording.
That is the PonoPromise.
People have had to deal with changing and eroding quality formats over the years, starting with vinyl, then eight tracks, cassettes, CDs, MP3s and now streaming services. Music lovers have been forced to buy or “rent” their music over and over and over again. We here at Pono, think that sucks…. But with Pono, those days are over.
Now, when you buy your favorite music at, the PonoPromise means you will never have to purchase it again, ever! If and when a higher resolution album you have already purchased becomes available, it is yours for FREE!"
Dated Aigust 27, 2015


Yes, The PonoPromise has always been available for 1 year after purchase. Nothing changed on the messaging on the site about that recently and PonoMusic switching 3rd party music partners does not change that. Hope that helps clarify. Thanks
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Pono Music & Music download services.


Flat - Out


Here's Why.

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A couple of days ago, the CEO of Pono Music came out with a rather "defensive" statement:

Neil Young (PonoMusic)

My perspective is focused on getting the best files we can from the labels. They have some things and don't have others, so its a constant job for a small company tracking things down. For your info, Pono sells more 192 and 96 than everything else combined. More than 2/3 of our sales are 96 or higher. There is a demand out there. Though we do offer CD quality in the majority because of hi res availability shortages, we do believe in offering all the music in its highest form and providing free upgrades (ponopromise) if the quality of the file improves from the record co.

We never stop looking for our favorite music in high res. It is a challenge to find it. We keep pushing the record companies. There are a lot of people there who do care. I know who they are. It takes time and money to get to the source. We need more resources and more people to do this job. You may not realize that you are on the cusp of a movement and it is now a piece of cake to be part of. It is a lot of hard work being done by people I am proud to know, inside and outside of Pono.

It is a welcome distraction dealing with unhappy folks who blame us for the lack of High Resolution files in the store. Its good to know how badly these folks want quality. We do everything we can to get these files, including going directly to the artists.

Provenance is another big challenge for us. We reach out constantly to the labels for information about popular releases. I would like to have all of this info. It is hidden or lost inside the music recording history in record company vaults.

We are all on a mission to get the best to you out there. We have 8 active people in our whole organization. I wish I had four just working on provenance.

Your support and enthusiasm for quality listening really helps.




This is kinda old news that just won't go away......mainly b/c PONO refuses to acknowledge the question or even dignify it with an answer. Or a Confirmation. Or a denial. The High Resolution Music you are Buying is being altered via a process called "Water Marking" and PONO is NOT Denying the process exists.

To be fair, It is Not just High Resolution Music Files purchased From PONO, but all the re-sellers are guilty of this process. Some are just more PONO (righteous) about admitting it!

@Neil Young (PonoMusic) @Randy Leasure (PonoMusic) @Rob Jacobs (PonoMusic) @Bruce GOS (PonoMusic) Is Universal Music Group or any other record label using watermarking in the files it sends to Pono? See here:
  Studio Stories, PonoMusic Store, The Kitchen Floor, (6 more)

Pono Music Download Services.


Allow me to preface this site with an opening statement, If you will:

This is a site created by one former fan of the PONO Music Player. An Original Kick Starter backer's site. It is intended as a personal review, AN OPINION and some ranting. All in the hope that you are able to decide whether or not to part with your money and buy into this. This site deals with the PONO player, PONO "Music World", the PONO forums, Moderators, the "PONO PROMISE", "PONO PROVENANCE" and something called The" PONO REVEALER".

This is NOT an Anti "Shakey" (AKA Neil Young) site.

To say I am a fan of the man, his muse, talents and creations, as an artist and performer would be an understatement........
I have admired, listened to, enjoyed, legally purchased AND re-purchased  all of his music & wares (including two PONO players and, perhaps the GREATEST BOXED SET of ALL TIME, Archives, Volume 1)  Numerous times. I own all of his released, recorded works in various formats. I have seen him perform in all his varied permutations, in many different settings and venues over fifty times and, for the most part, thoroughly enjoyed the musical "ride".

“I would never in good conscience sell an MP3,” said Young. “In truth, it sounds like shit.”

Oh, Really? Here is a pic of my NYA Vol.1 Blu Ray ed.

(Notice the included MP3 D/L card)


07 July 2016 And Now For Something Completely Different.....

Then, there is this:

PONO buying Omnifone for it's patents? Yeah, right. While Backers in Australia, Europe, Japan, South America wait and WAIT AND WAIT for a PONO Music Store to open!

More Likely,  Apple will buy the patents OR maybe ANOTHER competitor who already has the technology AND wants to KEEP IT FOR THEMSELVES?

Think Not? Think Again....

All the Bells And Whistles (Most Notably, Balanced Output) PLUS Dual micro card slots AND Bluetooth Streaming.

Just a few of the things PONO heads have been clamoring for, about to become reality.

If a major player like ONKYO wanted to make it tough for the competition (PONO), they'd buy the Omnifone patents. Heck, PONO didn't even make the top 5 players:


This move is REALLY Perplexing........

So, basically some "UNKNOWN" Gigantic Media player has scooped up Omnifone. Yeah, old news, MAYBE.

In a nessage posted on the Pono Forum @D$ (PONO) stated that the Pono Music store is closing, TEMPORARILY, as PONO has severed ties w/ Omnifone and entered into a new contract w 7digital to source Hi Res Files.  Dunno if you've frequented 7digital's site before, I have. Prices are competitive, selection is WEAK and they sell MP3's!


This is a VERY confused and confusing industry. Is it any wonder lesser quality streaming music sales are overtaking High Resolution downloads? The so called "experts" cannot even agree on what high resolution music is, or if it can even be heard by the limited scope and range of human hearing.....




Which All leads to this very discouraging news released today, 01 July 2016:

If "Bitten Fruit Products" AKA APPLE were to purchase Tidal, that would, in effect, be the end of High Res Music Sales. Hi Res would be reduced further as a niche market. I believe Neil Young when he states in his autobiographies "I am a terrible businessman". He has effectively handed the keys to Jay Z. Who may or may not be such a great businessman, but he has GREAT business advisors guiding him. Anyone remember MOG Music Services? Jay Z packaged that with Beats Music and spun that off to APPLE.

Update: 02 July 2016